El-wady company

Company History

The company was established in 2000 and embarked on a field of white cheese manufacture of various types of the highest possible quality, the company began two cars in the domestic market only, and now we got the grace of God to the fleet of vehicles covered throughout the Republic. .

The company has focused its work, especially in the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, countries outside the market, and has become a product leader List cheese products Elwady there and in Egypt tops Elwady product in Upper Egypt fully considered a strong contender for major cheese companies in the rest of the provinces.



Elwady firm based on the wings was the studious different departments, sections and working to achieve the main objective of the company, a customer satisfaction and product development on an ongoing basis and seek the best.


the mission:

Intensify efforts to stay on top of the pyramid of quality, in terms of the company's customers hard working to achieve the requirements of customers in all parts of the republic on the image that will satisfy everyone.


Future Goals:

Export Administration is moving to open up new overseas markets in order to invade the world market and not only the Arab Gulf states.


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