El Fayoum Food Industries Company (ELWADY) is one of the major companies producing soft white cheese of all kinds and vegetable fat cream using the best technological means . As the company uses the latest methods in the manufacturing of products, the latest hardware in the packaging, In addition to the products completely free of any preservatives. To meet the highly tastes and diverse requirements of a large number of consumers.

The analysis of milk in the EL WADY factory plant by biological and chemical methods to ensure the safety and suitability for the manufacture of products. Then receiving the milk and passing on the filter to remove impurities or bacterial communities . then treating with thermal treatment of the latest pasteurization used in the dairy field devices. Then mixing ingredients by Egyptian standards for the manufacture of cheese. And the product is cooled to a temperature of 2 ° C. And it is distributed in the throughout the Republic distribution points to the distributor and then to the consumer finalized fresh a recent manufacturing.

And the Production halls that are manufacturing in are subject the latest methods of production and quality control. 

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