Quality and food safety, and occupational health and safety policy

WE EL Fayoum Food Industries Company, which engaged in the manufacture and production of various dairy products (cheese and soft cream), Are committed to the development and documentation and the application of the administrative system of quality according to the requirements of international standards ISO 22000:2005, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 In accordance with local laws and legislation synonymous, With the continuity of development and improvement, In order to achieve our ultimate goal to raise the efficiency of the human element and to maximize the benefit from it to accelerate progress in the industrial field and provide greater added value to accelerate development and production of healthy and safe food, through the following:


  • That product quality and customer satisfaction, food safety and maintain the safety of the workers be the motto of all employees in the company through the dissemination of politics k and be known for everyone.
  • Keep up with the technological and technical development in the field of our business and work to achieve the company's goals during the set time period for each objective.
  • Provide the necessary resources through better human elements selection and provision of infrastructure and all resources to achieve high-quality and safe health products that are compatible with the laws and regulations and the requirements of allowances.
  • Compliance with laws and legislation on product quality and food safety, and occupational health and safety and the environment as well as the product's specifications.
  • Focus on taking the necessary measures for the safety of workers and continuous development and upgrading of the elements and human resources by training and ongoing development.
  • Take the necessary measures to preserve the environment and prevent any contamination can occur as a result of any activity happening inside the facility or any external processes related to the facility and having an impact on the environment.




In order to continue this integrated performance committed to reviewing this policy and objectives corresponding regularly so as to achieve the desired efficiency.

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